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Steel Band Options

 steel band options

We bring the Caribbean to you with a unique musical flava of the tropics – landing page for steelband options – our key music services which include:

  • Steel Drum Soloist (acoustic)
  • Steel Band Solo Band
  • Steel Band Solo & Dj
  • Steel Band Duo band
  • Steel band Duo & Dj
  • Steel Band Duo & Dj & Vocals
  • Steel Band Duo & Dj & Vocals with Limbo Dance (Limbo by design)
Steel band options Steelasophical

Steel band options Steelasophical
















Steelband Options

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new Pan

P.H.I. – Percussive Harmonic Instrument or PHI (pronounced “Fie”). It was developed in the Steel Pan Research Laboratory of the UWI St. Augustine Campus.

 ”P.H.I. merges the powerful facility of MIDI with a physical form inspired by the traditional steelpan. MIDI is an acronym for Musical Instrument Device Interface; MIDI facilitates the communication of electronic music synthesizers over a network.”

Basically, pilule the P.H.I. allows the steel pannist to play his music as usual. However he can now make the output sound like anything he likes. A piano? Guitar?

New Pan

The e-pan – name is the abbreviated short form chosen for the electronic steelpan. This novel idea was created using high-tech electronics to advance the invention of the traditional instrument.

To lend some background, ampoule the steelpan, also known as the steeldrum, is an invention born of the people of Trinidad & Tobago.

It is an acoustic musical instrument indigenous to that nation which remains to this day, the only such invention of the 20th century and with the dawn of this new century and millennium it manages to retain that title.

Steel Band Options

gary trotman steelasophical

Steel Band Soloist

Steel Band Soloist What is the Steel Drum Soloist? Steelasophical steel band solo is a one man
solo steel band

Steel Band Soloist DJ

Steel Band Soloist DJ What is the Steel Drum Solo with Dj?   No matter what the main theme of

Steel Band Duo

Steel Band Duo What is the Steel Band Duo? Steelasophical steel-band duo is a two man band in
Caribbean mobile dj

Steel Band Duo DJ

Steel Band Duo DJ Steelasophical steel band duo is a two man band in box!! the musical
Steel Band Repertoire

Steel Band Repertoire

Steel Band Repertoire   Steel Band Repertoire – New Clients Please Read … The

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