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Photography for your wedding day

Photography for your wedding day

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A person’s wedding can be one of the most important times in their life.

They will have memories that they want to treasure forever and then pass on to their children. Wedding photography helps them do this. Having pictures taken at the wedding and then at the reception can capture those precious memories in freeze-frame and help you keep them forever.

The importance of wedding photography cannot be emphasised enough.

It follows then that you must be sure you get good photos, high quality photos that you can enjoy forever.

Most people will have a wedding book designed out of the collection of the best wedding photos.

Usually the photographer will do this for you. You will then have a beautiful scrapbook from your wedding to hold your memories.

Choosing a photographer is a very important step in your wedding pictures.

You want someone experienced that will do an excellent job for you. It’s possible that you may be on a budget and price may be a factor as well.

How Do You Choose a Wedding Photographer?

There are several things you are going to want to look for, but the most important being the quality of the work.

It would be great if you could find a photographer that you had seen in action, perhaps at a family member or friend’s wedding. The hardest part of choosing a wedding photographer is that you sign a contract and agree to pay before you have ever seen the photos.

That’s how it works in the world of wedding photography; you must make your decision based on your faith in the photographer. So how do you make a decision like this?


First, you should want to look at referrals. Ask your friends or family members who did their weddings and start compiling a list.

You will also need to verify that these people are still photographing. Ask everyone you can about their wedding and their wedding pictures.

Most people will even let you see their wedding photos and you can check out the photographer’s work.

Experience & Samples

Aside from samples from people you know, you can ask the photographer himself about his samples.

You can call the photographers on your list and do an interview over the phone or make an appointment to meet in person.

This is your chance to ask the photographer any questions you may have such as their experience, what training they have and what different types of photography they have studied.

If you are doing an in-person interview, the photographer can show you portfolios of samples of their work. If you are doing a phone interview that ends well, you may want to go in person and see a portfolio.

Schedule and Appointment

When you have chosen the photographer you think you want to use, you will have to schedule several wedding photography appointments.

The bride and groom, the bride’s parents and anyone else who may be taking part in paying for the wedding should be present, if at all possible.

In these meetings you will discuss price, payment schedule and possible deposits.

Next you will discuss the plan for taking the wedding photography.

Many people also get video and digital photographs now. Do you want these?

Will your photographer be able to provide these? Will there be extra fees?

Many people have specific plans as to what they want pictures of (e.g. bride and father coming down the aisle, bride and groom, rings exchanging, the kiss, the bridesmaids, etc.)

This is your chance to get all this written down so that the photographer is sure to get all the shots you want. Other people give their photographers a little more freedom to decide what pictures will be good to take.

Be sure to ask any questions you have about this important event.

Your wedding photography is important to you so don’t hesitate to be clear about what you want.


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