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come dine with mecome dine with me

Come Dine with Me

Gary Trotman – Steelasophical with winning musical performance on this TV cooking show

come dine with me

Steelasophical – Gary Trotman Discography

Come Dine

Because the demand for this unique Steel Band is growing, more and more people are hiring them to play at specific venues, no matter what the occasion. Thankfully Steelasophical are now booking into the next 2 years.

Band representative Gary Trotman commented, “Naturally we’re delighted. Recent appearances on British television’s Come Dine With Me, as well as movie production work, have really broadened our reach and appeal. As a result, we’ve extended our availability for the public to experience our unique Caribbean musical blend into the next few years.”

“I was chosen to appear on c4 come dine with me in april. It was a Caribbean theamed evening and I thought what better way to entertain than to have a steel band.

Gary was amazing. It was like we were really in Barbados. I honestly believe that it was because of his amazing performance that I went on to win.

Thank you so much Gary. ”

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