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Trinidad Panorama

Panorama through the early years – hope you enjoy!

Panorama was first held in Antigua in 1949 and won by Hell’s Gate Orchestra. The first Trinidad Panorama was first held during Carnival celebrations in 1963 (that recording is here on the audio jukebox player). In a nutshell, a popular Calypso is arranged into a piece for steelpan orchestration with introductions and variations over the theme. Every band has its unique sound and every arranger their own ‘arranging Formula’ which is why you can often tell which band is performing or which arranger is arranging just by listening to an audio recording.

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The music player also contains tracks from my concept album PanBrassOrama

Visit HERE to view panorama video performances located on our sister website

Panorama Live Recordings

My personal top Panorama Tunes and arrangers from the Ole Dayz

In no particular order!!

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