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Please enjoy our music – It was installed and produced for you  

Here you can listen to excepts of tracks fron our best selling Caribbean Steel Drum albums and download and purchase to listen right away on your Mobile Phone, ampoule medical Tablet or computer

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 DJ Steelasophical Hire

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A good DJ is passionate about music, in fact they are almost obsessive about their music. They look high and low for the next big tune before it becomes the next big tune. They don’t worry about what others are playing and buying they only care about what they are collecting – they believe in their own musical taste and style and are not scared to take calculated risks if and when needed.


There are so many things that make up a good DJ, the most important of all is being prepared to put the time into learning and practice. Before you worry about doing anything else you want your skill level and understanding of the art of DJing itself to be second to none.


reel to reel

JukeBox 100

Jukebox 100
dj calypso

Caribbean Tune In

Caribbean Tune In
classic Motown


Motown Motown
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Steel Pan Live

Steel Pan Live
Trinidad Panorama

Trinidad Panorama

Trinidad Panorama
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