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The italian Villa Steel Band WeddingThe italian Villa Steel Band WeddingThe italian Villa Steel Band WeddingThe italian Villa Steel Band WeddingThe italian Villa Steel Band Wedding

Wedding Day Pix

For your enjoyment and to spark wedding day ideas in my Wedding Day Pix section – here are some of my fav photographs related to the best day of many people lives .. the wedding day. Some are creative, inspiring, thought provoking – even humorous

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The first Dance

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Bride & Groom

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Facts About Wedding Photography

Facts About Wedding Photography

Wedding photography today has become something anyone can imagine in the mind at any time. Those photos usually illustrated a group of people standing up, close together. Photography has its charm and will never get out-of-date because people treasure their memories and like looking in the past.
Wedding photography is not all about getting all the people who participated at the wedding in one photo. Wedding photography is about capturing emotions, feelings, and joyful moments in photos, but this can be done only if the photographer is a person who relates well with people and can capture their essence easily. For example capturing the emotions of a father who sees his daughter leaving home at another man’s arm is quite something to remember.

Wedding photography should not use only colors; it should also be done in black and white. A black and white photo will stimulate the imagination of those who look at it; it will be like a remembering of old times when people has a more simple life and more time for dreaming. For obtaining a good black and white wedding photography the photographer has to possess certain skills in order to make the photo outstanding, just as color does.

Colored wedding photography is needed too. This type of photo will illustrate later the beautiful array of style of the wedding party. It will bring sweet memories on how the wedding party was. Wedding photography needs to be done with a digital camera too. Small adjustments to the photos will be possible this way and the clarity of the photos will be irrefutable.

As life is nowadays a mixture of spices, wedding photography will need to include digital photos, movies, colored photos, and of course black and white photos.

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