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Oldham by the Dam

Oldham by the dam

Chew Reservoir is a small reservoir located at the head of the Chew Valley in the South Pennines within Greater Manchester, England
Chew valley reservoir pike fishing – The only way is Essox
Just after New Year the phone lines were opened at Woodford lodge to accept bookings for pike fishing at Chew reservoir. This is the first year that this system has been used and it was obvious that those telephones were going to be on fire with hundreds of hopeful anglers attempting to book some fishing. There has been plenty of criticism of the old system where you had to email or write in to request dates which were dished out lottery style but the new system must surely have caused all involved more headaches and I think ideally somewhere between the two would make a happy medium. I was lucky in that I got through on the phone quickly and as my plans for the rest of the river season were already laid out I just booked a couple of bank days in November and left it at that. Later in the day I got a call from Phil Smith asking if I fancied a two day boat trip in February. I was in two minds to be honest, I’ve done very little boat angling but I do know that a day out on the water in the worst that February can throw at you wouldn’t be pleasant especially as my back was still a tad iffy after the motor accident late last year. However you’ve got to be in it to win it so after checking with ‘er indoors that it wouldn’t clash with our holiday plans I rang Phil back and the trip was on

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