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Photos taken during a visit to Nottingham. Includes a visit to view and capture The Old Oak in Sherwood Forrest. Also visited a local stately home and grounds with lovely lake and gardens

The Major Oak, Sherwood Forest, England

This giant tree, with a waistline of 35 ft, a height of 52 feet and weighing an estimated 23 tons, has been here for about 800-1000 years. The exact age of this magnificent tree can only be estimated. Its huge size is a clue, and yet at the same time as some oaks grow faster than others, the enormous trunk conceals the real answer.
The Domesday Book in 1086 noted that Sherwood Forest covered most of Nottinghamshire above the River Trent. Large trees were seen as a medium of prophecy and knowledge. These trees were associated with woods like Sherwood. Large oaks were frequently depicted as dwelling places for woodland spirits and legend has it that Robin Hood hid from his enemies inside the Major Oak.

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