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Trinidad Panorama

The worlds premier Steel Band Orchestrated music competition

Trinidad Panorama 1963 to 2012
Panorama was first held in Antigua in 1949 and won by Hell’s Gate Orchestra. The first Trinidad Panorama was first held during Carnival celebrations in 1963. A popular Calypso is arranged into a piece for steelpan orchestra with introductions and variations over the theme.

Year Steelband Song Composer Arranger
1963 North Stars Dan Is the Man Mighty Sparrow Anthony Williams
1964 North Stars Mama Dis Is Mas Lord Kitchener Anthony Williams
1965 Cavaliers Melody Mas Lord Melody Bobby Mohammed
1966 Desperadoes Obeah Wedding Mighty Sparrow Beverly Griffith
1967 Cavaliers Sixty-Seven Lord Kitchener Bobby Mohammed
1968 Harmonites Wrecker Lord Kitchener Earl Rodney
1969 Starlift Bull Lord Kitchener Ray Holman
1970 Desperadoes Margie Lord Kitchener Clive Bradley
1971 Harmonites Play Mas Lord Kitchener Earl Rodney
1972 Harmonites St. Thomas Girl Lord Kitchener Earl Rodney
1973 Trinidad All Stars Rainorama Lord Kitchener Rudy Wells
1974 Harmonites Jericho Lord Kitchener Rupert Mark
1975 Hatters Tribute to Spree Simon Lord Kitchener Steve Achaiba
1976 Desperadoes Pan In Harmony Lord Kitchener Clive Bradley
1977 Desperadoes Crawford Lord Kitchener Clive Bradley
1978 Starlift Du Du Yemi Winston Devine Herschel Puckerin
1979 no competition
1980 Trinidad All Stars Woman on the Bass Scrunter Leon “Smooth” Edwards
1981 Trinidad All Stars Unknown Band Blue Boy Leon “Smooth” Edwards
1982 Renegades Pan Explosion Lord Kitchener Jit Samaroo
1983 Desperadoes Rebecca Blue Boy Clive Bradley
1984 Renegades Sweet Pan Lord Kitchener Jit Samaroo
1985 Renegades Pan Night and Day Lord Kitchener Jit Samaroo
1985 Desperadoes Pan Night and Day Lord Kitchener Beverly Griffith
1986 Trinidad All Stars The Hammer David Rudder Leon “Smooth” Edwards
1987 Phase II Pan Groove This Feelin’ Nice Len “Boogsie” Sharpe Len “Boogsie” Sharpe
1988 Phase II Pan Groove Woman is Boss Len “Boogsie” Sharpe Len “Boogsie” Sharpe
1989 Renegades Somebody Winsford ” Baron” Devine Jit Samaroo
1990 Renegades Iron Man Lord Kitchener Jit Samaroo
1991 Desperadoes Musical Volcano Robert Greenidge Robert Greenidge
1992 Exodus Savannah Party Pelham Goddard Pelham Goddard/Desmond Waithe
1993 Renegades Mystery Band Lord Kitchener Jit Samaroo
1994 Desperadoes Fire Coming Down Robert Greenidge Robert Greenidge
1995 Renegades Four Lara Four Merchant/DeFosto Jit Samaroo
1996 Renegades Pan in a Rage Lord Kitchener Jit Samaroo
1997 Renegades Guitar Pan Lord Kitchener Jit Samaroo
1998 Nutones High Mas David Rudder Clive Bradley
1999 Desperadoes In My House Emanuel Synette Clive Bradley
2000 Desperadoes Picture on My Wall Emanuel Synette Clive Bradley
2001 Exodus Happy Song Pelham Goddard Pelham Goddard
2002 Trinidad All Stars Fire Storm DeFosto Leon “Smooth” Edwards
2003 Exodus Pandora DeFosto Pelham Goddard
2004 Exodus War DeFosto Pelham Goddard
2005 Phase II Pan Groove Trini Gone Wild Len “Boogsie” Sharpe Len “Boogsie” Sharpe
2006 Phase II Pan Groove This One’s 4u Bradley Len “Boogsie” Sharpe Len “Boogsie” Sharpe
2007 Trinidad All Stars Pan Lamentation DeFosto Leon “Smooth” Edwards
2008 Phase II Pan Groove Musical Vengeance Gregory Ballantyne Len “Boogsie” Sharpe
2009 Silver Stars First in de Line Edwin Pouchet/Alvin Daniell Edwin Pouchet
2010 Silver Stars Battle Zone Edwin Pouchet/Alvin Daniell Edwin Pouchet
2011 Trinidad All Stars It’s Showtime Edwin Pouchet/Alvin Daniell Leon “Smooth” Edwards
2012 Trinidad All Stars Play Yourself Clive Telemaque Leon “Smooth” Edwards

The results from Trinidad and Tobago’s Panorama 2013 result

Large Conventional Steel Orchestras
1st place: 283 – Phase II Pan Groove
2nd place: 278 – Trinidad All Stars
3rd place: 275 – Renegades

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