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Transport your tastebuds to sunnier climes with Caribbean food selections. From Jerk chicken and simmering stews to refreshing smoothies.

How Caribbean cuisine evolved

Caribbean cuisine
is a blend of culinary
influences around the globe

All of the culinary influences below merged together, diagnosis creating what we call today Caribbean cuisine.

Arawaks and Caribs

The Arawaks are credited with creating the precursor to modern-day barbecuing. The Caribs introduced chili and other species to island cooking.


The Dutch, sildenafil English, French, and Spanish conquerors and colonists introduced some of their cooking methods and ingredients (including garlic, onion, orange, chicken, coconut, pig, and rice).


From the early 17th century to the mid 18th century over a million Africans came as slaves, mainly to work in the sugar cane fields. With them came their cooking traditions and ingredients (including okra, pigeon peas, plantains, and taro root).

Chinese and Asian Indians

When slavery was abolished and the need for workers continued to grow, indentured Chinese and Asian Indians arrived in large numbers. Their culinary styles and foods (such as wok cooking and curry) migrated with them.

Other influencers

Because of their close proximity, the cooking techniques and foods from Mexico, Central America, and northern South America easily crossed the sea to the islands.

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– premier food service
The Catering Shuttle

Caribbean food

Event Catering has been a mainstay of our business for over seven years. They have gained the experience to make your event a success.

For 2012 they introduced the Party Hut which has proven to be a big success.

Standards are high without the price tag to match. They also work in association with a well established  and respected local hog roast company, and Steelasophical Steel Band and DJ`s to offer you the kind of diversity that many other companies are unable to match. Find out more by clicking on the picture to the left.

– quality food and service on a budget price (from £5/head)
The Events Team Catering

events team uk

Offering a tasty selection of traditional Caribbean food, Events Team UK will bring The Caribbean Food and Rum Shack to your event complete with staff, surround sound system and all your favourite Caribbean food.

Cottons Restaurant

Cottons caribbean restaurant

Cottons Camden continues to go from strength to strength having established itself as the premier Caribbean restaurant in London with regular clientele including:

Samuel L. Jackson, Halle Berry, Sara Cox, Chris Martin, David Haye, Tim Burton, Noel Gallagher, Tyrese, Mary J. Blige, Mariah Carey, JLS, Deliah, Kelly Brook, Jourdan Dunn 

Patti Gyapomaa Sloley

A plate in the sun

A Plate in the Sun is a delicious fusion of Ghanaian, African and Western tastes brought together in easy to cook recipes. Simple snacks like fritters, or kelewele – ginger and chilli spiced plantain, to wholesome main dishes like black-eye beans with smoked haddock and bacon.

Patti also shares her take on classics like jollof rice and chicken peanut butter soup and family favourites like curried chicken liver pie and guava and plantain pudding. The dishes are simple and flavoursome and can bring a little bit of Africa to your cooking.

In Africa recipes are passed by word of mouth, from generation to generation, from family to family and from friend to friend so there are probably as many variants of a recipe as there are cooks. The undiscovered cuisine of this vast continent has much to offer and has been described as having some of the most interesting and satisfying foods in the world.

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