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What is Steelasophical?

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The essence of the Steelasophical Experience is one that is relatively new here in the UK, but very much popular in the USA around areas such as Florida, cruise ships and across the Caribbean Islands. It is a form of musical entertainment developed and evolved from the well known and beloved traditional steel band. With just one or two musical entertainers, you can be provided with a huge flava of the Caribbean and wider world

In its most simplistic terms imagine a fusion between high quality Steel Pannist, live Latin Percussions (duo option) and a first class DJ music service – Add to that the musical equivalent to being as soft and gentle as a String Quartet, to being as vibrant, pulsating and loud as an 8pc caribbean band. Options of Caribbean mobile DJ service and live vocals – thats a lot to think about when comparing our services to other entertainment providers

‘Price is what you pay and value is what you receive’
Warren Buffett

There is a difference between a Steinway and a Monington, the latest iPhone and a basic mobile handset, Jimmy Choo shoes, Manchester United football, Premium and budget brands.

When it comes to sourcing musical entertainment, when trawling the internet is not always easy to identify reliable, quality brands and services thats are proven, trusted, respected, global quality etc ..  a piano is a piano, they may be different sizes, collars, configuration – but they all do the same job so on that basis it is easy to just compare on things like price and size … same goes for a Gibson or Stradivarius .. try booking UB40 for the same price as Johnny and his Melody Makers – value is relative and relevant!

‘People may not remember exactly what you did, or what you said, but they will always remember how you made them feel’

James Bond Steel band

What makes us so special:
We use the finest musical instruments important in providing the purest and melodic of musical sounds full of richness, harmonious harmony; hand crafted and tuned by arguably the best steel pan tuner in the business; a man who was the mentor for so many of the successful tuners around today
For live percussions we have ‘Timbales’ inspired by the great musicologist and father of Afro-CUban Latin Jazz Tito Puente, the father of Salsa / Afro Cuban music

I play a double set of steel drums with up to 4 mallets – allowing Melody and Harmonies to be played simultaneously (the music work of 3 steel drums Tenor / Double Tenor and Double Seconds)

We are not just musicians but musical entertainers. There is a difference between thinking you are being paid to play your steel drums, have a good time and be fed and watered, and understanding that you are there to provide a service to your customer and their guests in creating the perfect mood through music and performance

We provide Caribbean themed backdrops and selection of LED lighting and FX – all geared towards bringing that feeling you are being presented with a little piece of the caribbean – by visual means

We perform along to quality backing music which gives the flexibility to accurately control the entire dynamics and volume to cater to any size venue – we have a choice of two systems JBL and FBT

You also get a DJ service which means when the band stops for a short break, there is not just a wall of silence, but the music backdrop is maintained seamlessly by providing suitable recorded music during this period (and it is very important to have an interval and build a mdic stage)

25 years in the entertainment business:
Trusted, respected and emulated
Signed to world music giants ARC Music Inc Prod Ltd since 1998
Music albums selling word-wide in over 42 countries
Music used by multimedia & advertising agencies all over the world
Music track licensed to Sony Music USA and used in the James Bond Movie Casino Royale
Winning musical entertainment performance on ch4’s Come Dine With Me
Performances on UK TV and National Radio

Gary Trotman Steelasophical Steel Band

The value you don’t see:
We are 100% professional .. this is what we do for a living, so overheads are many
Maintenance, tuning, testing of equipment / stage wear / tax returns / travel / advertising / marketing / seo / breakdown cover / insurances / PAT certification / investment in equipment and new music
Even our car houses 2 inbuilt Sat Nav systems … one being a large screened map and the other the top of the range SmartNav Active system which diverts around traffic in real time
We have £10,000,000 public liability insurance
Health and safety risk assess every venue and performance area
Over 100 core songs in more than 14 genres allowing for adaptation to create the perfect ambience and musical backdrop for any occasion, audience number , age and musical tastes
To perform for you at 6 we aim to arrive at 4pm, at the very latest 5pm – this is to ensure that even if there are any mishaps along (traffic, accidents, breakdown etc) we give ourselves the best chance of arriving in good time
We also build in a percentage of tolerance to allow for an early start or later finish – we do not have the mentality of it being ok to arrive late and stopping the music bang on time regardless

So by the time we load up, drive to your location, setup, perform, pack away, arrive back to base and off load – that would be no less than 7 hours in total

The proof for us is the feedback we receive after a booking – knowing that we have added value to peoples lives even for just a few moments

Before going into music full time back in 2008, I was employed as Contracts Manager for the UK’s largest building services company. There too was the frustration of having to compete with Joe Blogs doing it for half the price – it is easy to be cheap and operate without many of the legal and moral requirements. When you play music as a weekend hobby you can be flexible on price, values and level of service .. I have experience going back to 1982 playing steel drums, keyboards and drums with many of the traditional steel bands around the country. I was also an agent booking steel bands all over the country, so very familiar with this industry as a whole and all the pro’s and con’s

I thank you for getting back to us and I truly do hope you receive good value from your choice of entertainment.

You never know what you’ve got until after the occasion and so in some respects it is a bit of a lottery even after reasonable du-diligence

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Friends of Steelasophical

Vivienne Oscar
Vivienne Oscar Hair Stylist

Vivienne Oscar

Freelance Hair & Makeup

by Vivienne Oscar

a highly qualified hairdresser

with over thirty years experience in the industry

Vivienne Oscar Hair dresser


Vivienne Oscar

is both passionate & enthusiastic about her work, cialis

relishing a challenge, cialis

and producing results of a very high standard

drawing on both her artistic flair

and the experience of over 35 years in hairstyling


Vivienne Oscar hair

Gary Roger Trotman
gary trotman steelasophical

Gary Roger Trotman

Steelasophical Steel Band

Lead Steel Drums and Timbales

A musical association

going back to the age of 6

when we both performed

in the family band

Gary was the young vocalist

Roger the electric guitar player

Always fun & great connection

Gary Roger Trotman Steel band

Robert Charlemagne
Robert Charlemagne Salsa Teacher / Dancer


Rob Charlemagne

Robert Charlemagne is considered

one of THE leading Salsa teachers

World Renowned

Rob Gary Pam

Gary – Pam – Rob

Robert Charlemagne

2002 UK Salsa Congress, diagnosis Top teacher award.
2003 Norwegian Salsa Congress, ampoule Life Time Contribution Award.
2009 Sexy Latin Dance Festival Special Teachers Award.
2010 Salsa Central Top UK Salsa teacher award

Learn to dance Salsa Video

by Robert Charlemagne

Robert Charlemagne Salsa

Contact: +447092 123 567

Cuttie Williams
Cuttie Williams

Cuttie Williams

Lead Vocals – Backing Vocals – Bass

& friend. Arguably the best frontman

in the business – ‘Sick’ Bass Player &

gifted vocal entertainer. We first

started performing together

back in the late 1990’s

Joy to perform with!!

Cuttie Williams

Cuttie Williams


Evrod Fly Cottoy
Evrod Cottoy Cuttie Williams

Evrod ‘Fly’ Cottoy


Lead Vocals


The enigma that is ‘Fly’

Talented allrounder

with whom I have been

performing with

on a regular basis

over the last 18 months

We first performed in the same band

over 15 years

so a very rewarding re-association

Evrod Cottoy

Evrod Fly Cottoy

Patrick Augustus
patrick augustus

Patrick Augustus 

Steel Drums – Vocals – Author

Writer – Friend

Can’t help but get immersed

in the ora of this man

If Carlsberg made amazing people,

they would still not come close to P

‘P’ and ‘G’ as we are respectively

affectionate known

enjoy performances together

sometimes years apart,

but always feels like it were no time at all!!

author: Baby Father


Patrick Augustus 

Ian Close Saxophone
ian Close Saxophone

Ian Close


I met Ian via a mutual friend

and mentor Wayne R Gibson

Ian plays silky smooth

and could be seen performing

with the likes of

Gordon Haskell (Harry’s Bar)

Talented young man

and amazing soloist

Always a pleasure to perform with him

ian Close Saxophone

Graduated from U.C.S. with a BA (Hons) degree
Ian has played with and toured all over Europe
with artists/musicians as diverse as:
The Blockheads, Sandi Thom,
Hamish Stuart, Chrissie Hynde,
Snake Davis and Winston Blissett.
TV and Radio performances
Gordon Haskell (Des O’Connor Show/TVP2-Poland)
Norah Jones (Berlin).
Has sessioned on many radio/TV jingles
and has seen his handiwork play listed
on numerous radio stations
including BBC Radio 2.
Gary Trotman
Kudos - steelasophical DUO

Gary Trotman

The Man In Charge

Steel Drums –  DJ – The Boss

Where have all the years gone

from Steelbands – Soca Bands – Reggae Bands – Rock Bands – Soloist

Albums selling in over 42 countries would-wide

Works used in: TV – Media – Movies – Advertising

Playing Pansa – Keyboards – Drums and Musical Arranging

At the Top of my game and the passion Still could not be any stronger

gary trotman steel band



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