About us

About us

Steelasophical Steel band is dedicated to bringing Caribbean music and ambiance to you,

doing great things through various means, from TV appearances,

music being used in TV, Film, Media, Advertising, Libraries,

Multimedia and corporate projects.

We are also proud of having one of the most professional Steel Drum acts based here in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire

… from this base, we travel the length and breadth of the UK.



About us

About us

About Me – Gary is mostly known as an internationally selling and performing music professional. A multiInstrumentalist and song writer and without doubt, mostly know as a Steel drum professional running his music company Steelasophical..

In 2008, Gary took his music company Steelasophical full-time. Prior to that and for many years, Gary worked within the Building Services industry.

Working life started out in the early 1980’s as a trainee Electrician with the company Beecham Group Plc. An 8 year association saw the company evolve into SmithKline Beecham and more latterly a merger with Glaxo and Welcome to become SmithklineGlaxoWelcome.

Career path saw Gary move to the following positions within the industry and at the following companies:

  • Trainee Bank Clerk – Barclays Bank
  • Trainee Electrician – Beecham Group
  • Maintenance Electrician – SmithKline Beecham
  • Maintenance Engineer – Team Q
  • BMS Service Engineer – Satchwell Control Systems
  • BMS Commissioning Engineer – Satchwell Control Systems
  • Electrical Engineer – NOVA ECS
  • Electrical Contracts Engineer – AQUA Mechanical Services
  • Electrical Contract Manager – Scorpio Electrical 
  • Assistant Building Services Manager – Ultra Electronics 
  • Regional Contracts Manager – Kier KBSE


About us

“I was blessed to have had a track from one of my Caribbean Steel drum albums (recorded at ARC Music Prod Int), chosen to be used in the James Bond movie Casino Royale. A great set of promotional pictures were taken for me by an amazing photographer friend Jeremy Trew.

As everything in my life seems to be connected, I was not too surprised to learn that Jeremy was contracted as a commercial photographer for a company I had previously worked for in my capacity as an Electrical Engineer, running (D&B office and commercial refurbishments) and had actually taken photographs of some of my completed projects including 55 BishopsGate and Northfleet Electrical Generating Substation”

Gary Trotman


About us

Steelasophical live music evolved out of over 20 years experience performing with a host of steelbands, steel orchestra, steelband combos, soca bands, reggae bands and performing alongside DJ’s and other bands in other genres. Some names you may or may not have heard before, such as Ebony Steel Band (Panorama), Stardust Steel Band, New Sound Hurricane Force Band, Caribbean Xpress, Caribbean Sunrise, Happy Jacks Steel Band

With only one or two performers, the use of amazing quality backing music and state of the art equipment, we have developed a music service that rivals them all.

It is now possible to have a band that can perform as soft and gentle as a string quartet, with everything to Wine, Dine, Mix and Mingle, to loud, vibrant and rocking as a 10pc caribbean band. With a song list of over 100 core songs in 14 genres, we have the versatility that is truly unmatched


About us

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About us

About us

February 12th, 2020|

About us About us Steelasophical Steel band is dedicated to bringing Caribbean music and ambiance to you, doing great things through various means, from TV appearances, music being used in TV, [...]

James Bond 007

April 27th, 2013|

James Bond 007 Gary Trotman - Steelasophical with music in the iconic british movie franchise James Bond 007 - Casino Royale. Sony music USA approached ARC Music for permission to license a track from one [...]

Gary Trotman on Come DIne With Me

It’s the final day in Chelmsford, and the food at Martin Young’s Caribbean themed party shocks his guests, as does his secret talent. Is the night of sun, sea and surprises enough to win the prize? The perfect recipe for hilarious kitchen drama, shocking guests and delicious entertainment.

The unscripted factual entertainment format follows amateur chefs competing against each other to host a dinner party for the other contestants. Produced in 40 territories including: UK, Germany, Israel & Russia Come Dine with Me is a popular Channel 4 cooking program shown in the United Kingdom. It was produced by ITV Studios (formerly known as Granada) until 2013, when Shiver Productions took over.

First broadcast in January 2005, the show has either four or five amateur chefs competing against each other hosting a dinner party for the other contestants. Each competitor then rates the host’s performance with the winner winning a £1,000 cash prize which is announced by the competitor who hosted the dinner party on Friday.

An element of comedy is added to the show through comedian Dave Lamb, who provides a dry and bitingly sarcastic narration A group of five strangers, each an amateur chef, compete to host the best dinner party, each party solely for the competitors and to be held on consecutive evenings.

With a set amount of money provided for the party, each host must submit a menu in advance of the week, the menu to consist of at least a starter, a main and a dessert/pudding. At the end of each party, each guest rates the party on a scale of one to ten inclusive. Each guest can use whatever criteria he/she deems important to rate the party, the quality of the food only being one possible factor.

At the end of the last party, the host of that party gets the voting results, which he/she reads to the other competitors. The competitor with the highest score wins £1,000. By the end of the last party, each competitor gets to know their fellow competitors a little better. Some may become friends for life, while others wish they had never met.

 Contestant Review

I was chosen to appear on c4 come dine with me in april.

It was a Caribbean themed evening and I thought what better way to entertain than to have a steel band. Gary was amazing.

It was like we were really in Barbados.

I honestly believe that it was because of his amazing performance that I went on to win.

Thank you so much Gary.

Martin young (Come dine with me winner.) 10/10

27 Facts About Come DIne WIth Me 

1. The first stage of the application process is filling out a six-page questionnaire which asks, “How competitive are you?”, “How good are you at coping with criticism?”, and “What things can irritate you when you go to someone’s house for dinner?”

2. It also asks whether you are an opinionated person, and tells you to list “some of the opinions you hold” if so.

3. The Slovakian version of the show is called Without a Napkin.

4. And the Swedish version is called Half Past Seven at My Place.

5. Contestants have to outline two sample menus that they could serve in the competition on the application form.

6. The next stage of the process is having three phone interviews with the show’s researchers.

7. Successful applicants are then interviewed on camera for 60 minutes in their homes.

8. An episode takes a whole week to film. The introductory interviews happen in local pubs and restaurants on the Monday. This is where contestants are given their first menu.

9. Each contestant is given an allowance of £125 to spend on food.

10. Because the Come Dine with Me camera crew spends a week filming each episode in a certain town, they tend pick up local attention. In fact, locals often ask for pictures with the show’s contestants.

11. On the day you cook, the morning crew arrive at your house at 10:30am.

12. The morning crew switch to an evening crew in the afternoon.

13. Upon arrival, the crew immediately start work on making the contestant’s house camera-friendly. Their first task is to take down any clocks and posters that could have copyright issues.

14. They also cover any windows in an orange film that makes the lighting better for filming.

15. They remove any halogen lightbulbs, because they mess with filming.

16. And if contestants plan on serving dinner in a conservatory, they pad it with duvets to minimise the sound of any potential rain.

17. On the day of your meal, the crew film everything that happens, with the exception of a one-hour lunch break.

18. Contestants are only told what the evening’s fancy dress theme will be on the morning of the dinner.

19. Taxis pick up guests from their homes, to take them to the host’s house, at 4:30pm.

20. They’re very careful to ensure that none of the contestants meet prior to their first meal together.

21. Contestants sometimes have to wait inside their taxi for up to an hour before they knock at the host’s door.

22. Hosts don’t get to choose their own seating plan; that’s all decided by the show’s producers.

23. There can be up to an hour’s wait in-between courses.

24. The whole evening is very long because contestants are filmed, individually, for 30 minutes after their arrival, starter, main course, the entertainment, and finally their dessert.

25. Dessert is usually served at around midnight.

26. And contestants only get to leave at around 3am.

27. The taxi that you see contestants giving their scores in at the end of the night is not the taxi that takes them home.

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